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How to use Trade In Niger

What is Trade In Niger?
How to buy?
How to sell?
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What is Trade In Niger ?
Trade In Niger is one of the most significant and upcoming online B2B trading platforms that cater primarily to Nigerien industries. It has been instituted with the prime objective to create a portal that brings Local, National and International Farmers, Agro-Processors & Nigerien Manufacturing companies together on one innovative and convenient platform.

Effective digital solutions:
Trade In Niger is successfully cultivating the reputation as one of the top B2B platform that aims to curtail the trading gap between various trading entities with the help of efficacious retail solutions, beneficial tools, and functional development solution in Niger. This platform is predominantly designed to promote the economic development of the Nigerien Agricultural and Manufacturing entities and counter inequalities in access to the means of agricultural production and foster equitable sharing of the benefits throughout here and the rest of Africa.

How to buy
You can select from the following options to search for the suppliers or your desired products:

1 – Search for Products:
You can reach your desired products by either entering the keyword into the search bar or browsing through the categories present on the Directory page. After finding your demanded product, send a direct inquiry to the seller (If you’re registered with us).

2 – Post Buying Lead:
If you are unable to locate the products you are looking for, go to Homepage > add your request via “Post Requests.” Let the sellers contact you themselves. Go to > Inbox. Here you can check inquiries received against your RFQ.

How to sell
Below are the two options to find buyers on Trade In SouthAfrica:

1 – Search Buying Leads:
You can find the buyers by clicking the “Requests” tab on the top of any of our site’s pages. When you find the right buyer, connect with them by clicking on “Send Message” options. ( If you’re registered with us)

2 – Post Products:
You can easily find multiple buyers for your products by posting them on our platform. To exhibit your products, click on the tab “Add Listing” found on the top of any of our pages.
Check your inbox to stay updated with the inquiries against your products.

Free Membership
To reach your desired goals in the competitive market, expanding your business internationally is highly advocated. As a free membership holder, you can benefit from the below mentioned services to reach potential buyers/suppliers:

Display Products:
Attract reliable and authentic buyers to your brand by exhibiting your products at To post your products, visit TradeInNiger > Add Listing and submit after entering the product information.

Display Request :
You can find Requests and trade offers under the “Requests” tab on the top of any page. It is more advanced and direct.

Get Trade Alerts:
With trade alerts, you can stay updated regarding the freshly posted trade leads, product directories, and business profiles email based on your selected keywords and categories.

Paid Membership:
What are the benefits of opting for our paid membership? 
With our paid membership plan you can expect to have the following benefits:

• Allow buyers to see your products as ‘Featured’ in its category.
• Convenient access to million of Nigerien & International buyers. 
• Enjoy with free advertising packages (Coming SOON!)

How to search for your desired products? 
There are two methods to search for products:
• Keyword
• Category Browsing

Keyword Search:
Enter the keyword related to the product you are looking for in the search bar present at the top of the main page. (

Suggestions for keyword search:
• Use multiple keywords. For instance, when searching for “chocolate” also search for “cocoa”.
• Try to avoid non-specific keywords with multiple meanings. 
• Be precise with your keywords. Rather than searching for “juice,” enter the defined keyword like “pineapple Juice”.
• Use the keyword that might be included in the description of what you are looking for.

Category Search:
There are 2 main Categories ‘GROWN IN SouthAfrica’ – ( Raw Materials) and ‘MADE IN SouthAfrica’ – ( Processed or manufactured materials).
You can browse through the list of sub-categories under each main category present on our website to reach to your desired products. 

I cannot find the product I was looking for in search results? 
If you are unable to find what you are looking for, it may be possible to have a category added in future. Just go to the “contact page” and fill the form. Alternatively, you can send an email to with the title: “Suggested Category“. Then our team will analyze it and then get back to you.

Can Trade In Niger find buyers and suppliers for me? 
Trade In Niger does not run searches for individual users. But, we keep all our registered users updated with the freshly posted products or traders via email. 

Does Trade In Niger itself takes part in exporting, importing, and trading? 
Trade In Niger itself is not a part of trading activities. We only provide a safe marketplace for all the buyers, sellers, and traders of the industry to connect and form business alliances. Moreover, Trade In Niger does not interfere in any business dealings or transactions between traders as well.

What do you mean by Inquiry? 
Inquiry can be explained as an Email sent to either buyer or supplier, with reference to their products, buying or selling needs, or any other such information. At Trade In South Africa, we make it easier to manage all your inquiries, with our convenient Inquiry Management system.
How to send inquires? 

By following the below mentioned routes, you can send inquiries: 

Inquiry Regarding a Product:
• From Product Page
• From the Search Result Page
• Vendor’s Page

Sending Reply from Inbox: 
In case you have received a product inquiry from any buyer/seller you can comfortably use our inquiry management system. To reply to the received message, click on the “reply” option. 

How can I get more responses?• Ensure every information related to your contact details is updated and correct.
• Be precise while sending the inquiries.
• Be sure to identify yourself in inquiries. 
• Stay alert and attentive of the inquiries that come your way to answer them speedily. 

Why am I getting failed inquiries? 
With the escalating problem of spam mails on the internet, a vast number of service providers automatically block the widely used webmail addresses. 

Can I send an inquiry even when I am not a member? 
Unfortunately, to send inquiry, it is necessary to be a member of Trade In Niger. You will be asked to become a member, at the bottom of any “Send Message” form. While sending your message and contact information to the seller/buyer, you will be required to submit your Email address for registration.

Advertise With Us 
Enjoy the Perks of Advertising on the Up & Coming Online B2B platform 
We believe that Trade In Niger will soon be listed among the most prominent and influencing online B2B trading marketplace that takes pride in hosting a multitude of sellers from all across Niger. Thus it will be a good business advantage to join us now.

Excellent Marketing Opportunities: Coming SOON!
Trade In Niger with its ideal marketing solutions will empower buyers or sellers to optimize their marketing means and reach their targeted audience by displaying their products in our banners, top listing ads, and in the latest products. 

Cost Effective Advertising Options 
Trade In Niger is the most budget friendly and ideal place for effective advertisement.

Types of Advertisement: 

• Home Page Advertisement:
Home page advertisement ensures the maximum exposure. Join us and display your banner on the front page, gaining million views every month.

• Featured Product Advertisement
Feature your products and allow them a chance to be displayed on the top. 

• Product Page Advertisement
Do you know that the product page is one of the most visited pages? Give your business the maximum exposure by displaying your ad here.

• Top Selling Product Advertisement: Coming SOON!
You can also post your ad in the top selling advertisement box to build the trust of customers in your products.

• Banner Advertisement: Coming SOON!
Post your ad in the specially targeted banner areas according to your needs. Let the users discover your products on “Buy now” or “Sell now” page. 

Extortionate Exposure: 
On the main page of Trade In Niger, feature ads are to be appeared on a rotatory basis. This enhances your chances of getting noticed by a massive number of potential customers. 

Augmented Number of Click Through: 
Holding the feature ad properties, your products will receive more clicks than the ordinary ones. 

Effective Exposure: 
Attract the attention of millions of buyers and get multiplied business opportunities. 

Category and Keyword Search
Search by Keyword: Coming SOON!

The Keyword based advertisements are displayed when a buyer searches for something using the keyword option. These ads are posted on the topmost area of the page, where the buyers can see them easily at the first glance. Apart from that, it is also possible to post your ad on the side banners of the search page; both will maximizer the chances of your products attracting the potential customers for better trade relations. 

Search by Category: ComingSOON!

These ads are displayed when the buyers look for their desired products while using the category browsing method. To browse products via categories, select the one, closest to your required product from the categories mentioned on the main page of Trade In Niger and find the top listings on that page. 

Monthly Newsletter:  Coming SOON!

Trade In Niger will soon be hosting millions of registered buyers, sellers, service providers, and traders. Placing your creative ad banner in our newsletter will help you get maximum exposure and empower you to reach a massive number of potential buyers who actively go through our newsletter. 

How to Pay? 
The following chart displays the standard advertisement charges against various options available at Trade In Niger. Please note that you need to be a registered User or Vendor to be applicable to utilize the following advertisement services.

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